Smashes & Milestones

2020 Milestones

Session information

Smash & Milestone sessions are available primarily in our Orange City Studio. On location and lifestyle/in home sessions are available for an additional charge, upon request. A small creative fee is due to book. Print and/or digital packages are purchased separately.

Milestone options:

Birthday - 1yr and up, portrait or smash

Standing - approx 9m, baby is standing assisted but not walking

Sitter - approx 6m, baby is sitting unassisted for more than 5 seconds

Tummy time - approx 3-4m, baby can hold their head up during tummy time and start to push up with their arms

Smiles - approx 2-3m, baby is happy alone on their back and smiles as a response to you

Luxe Smash


1hr studio session w/ cake/food

family/siblings welcome & encouraged

2-3 sets/outfits: birthday portraits and family set, custom smash w/ optional splash

print/digital packages starting at $175

Lumberjack Smash w/ pancakes

simple smash


up to 1hr studio session w/ cake/food

baby only

1 smash set, 2 outfits

print/digital packages starting at $175

Smash Set



30 minute studio session

baby or child only, 2 sets/outfits

print/digital packages starting at $175

Sitter Milestone