ShellFire Squad

Fun group minis for upcoming High School Juniors and Seniors!

ShellFire Squad Launch Minis

This summer ShellFire Artistry is kicking off a new series for High School teens! The lucky first group will have the opportunity to join the squad for free. We are looking for a variety of upcoming High School Juniors and Seniors within Volusia and Seminole County who love being in front of the camera, making new friends and be a positive role model in our community*

June 20-23 ShellFire will host a group mini sessions at 4 locations. These minis are no cost and limited to 8 spots each date. Minis will be about an hour. Beach and Bridge will be until sunset. We will roam the location as a group and stop at different spots for both Squad and Individual poses. Each student will receive a Custom App with their individual images and squad shots to share online. After these launch minis you can book your Personalized Senior Session* and be a part of the ShellFire Squad for free*!

What's SHellFire Squad include?

  • Intro Coffee Meet Up
  • Variety of Squad Sessions throughout the year (Sports, Fair, Halloween, Bring a Friend, Grad and more)
  • Custom App with your Squad Session images
  • School's Out Party
  • Discounts on additional sessions

*ShellFire Squad is limited to those who book a Senior Session

*2023-24 Squad is complimentary for those participating in the launch

*Students are expected to uphold a level of positivity within schools, social platforms and with their peers

choose your launch mini to get started!!!