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Special Half Sessions on Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays $275 (Fridays sunsets are temporarily disabled)

Outdoor sessions will be near sunset and from mid of Sept to early December. Time options will vary slightly due to location and date. Studio Property, Mossy Oak and Gemini are also available Friday and Sunday mornings. These are non themed sessions at a select locations.

Each date will have two to three slots. First to choose the date gets to pick location and time, then the second time will open up. PLEASE check below to see if your date has a pre-selected location. These sessions can be used for family, maternity, couples, hs seniors or children. Each session is 30 minutes and includes 20 digital images. Extended family can be added for an additional fee. After booking your date, you will be emailed with Location Choice and time options. Set Dates/times/locations will be updated below. Please note sunset is around 6:30p before daylight saving and 5:30p after.

Location Choices:

Beach - New Symrna Beach

Park/Field - Gemini Springs*, Lake Beresford*, Wayside Park* (Bridge) or Mossy Oak Field

Studio - on Studio property or Mill Lake*

*partially closed due to damage from Hurricane Ian

10/16 AM - Studio Property

11/6 AM - Gemini Springs